It is the policy of Thomas James Environmental that its operations shall be carried out with the greatest regard for the health and safety of all workers. Management believes that safety and efficient production go hand-in-hand.

Every effort will be made to prevent injury to our employees by taking all possible steps to improve working conditions and practices. In order to ensure the safety of our workers, the company has developed this health and safety program manual with company policies and procedures that everyone must follow at all times.

To enforce these procedures, management will make routine checks of the work site. Thomas James Environmental functions in full conformity with all safety laws, regulations, codes and standards applying to operations to ensure the safety and protection of all those working in our operations. All workers are also expected to comply with the law and company job requirements.

Our incident prevention program must have the co-operative efforts of both the workers and management in order to be successful. Everyone must help recognize and eliminate hazards as they are found. With the daily commitment and support of everybody, we can work together as a team to reduce job hazards and maintain an efficient and safe operation.

Thomas James Environmental will do a thorough inspection of your commercial property, and assess the surrounding buildings, quality of soil, type of materials and other considerations to ensure a seamless solution to your project.