Know the legislation!

As one of the largest provinces in Canada, Ontario has a number of environmental regulations and laws in place to protect its citizens and its environment. One such law is the Abatement Legislation, which sets out the rules and regulations for Ontarian’s on how to properly dispose of hazardous materials and substances.

The Abatement Legislation requires all Ontarian’s to properly manage and store hazardous materials and substances, such as asbestos, lead and solvents. This law also sets out specific requirements for the safe removal and disposal of these materials. This includes the proper containment of hazardous materials, the use of personal protective equipment, and the proper labelling and disposal of hazardous waste.

The Abatement Legislation also outlines the responsibility of property owners and operators to obtain the necessary permits and certifications when removing and disposing of hazardous materials. In some cases, the property owner may be required to obtain a “Certificate of Authorization” from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. This certificate will allow the property owner to safely and legally remove and dispose of hazardous materials and substances.

The Abatement Legislation also requires all Ontarian’s to comply with the Environmental Protection Act, which sets out the rules and regulations for the prevention and control of environmental pollution. This includes the proper disposal of hazardous materials and substances, as well as the proper management of hazardous waste. Overall, the Abatement Legislation is an important law that helps to protect Ontarian’s and the environment from hazardous materials and substances.

It is important for all Ontarian’s to understand and comply with the rules and regulations set out in this law. This will help ensure that hazardous materials and substances are managed and disposed of properly, and that the environment is protected from pollution and other environmental hazards.

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